Welcome to Katie Pops!!  I can’t tell you how many people I have met that have either never heard of a cake pop or never tried one. Let me first tell you what they are. It’s simple – it’s cake on a stick! But wait—it’s not as plain as that. Do you like cupcakes? Well, this is better! It’s not just dry cake–not that the way I do it! There a couple of different ways you can make cake pops, but my definition of a cake pop is this –  it’s a baked cake, crumbled and them mixed with icing and shaped into balls or other shapes and dipped into candy coating. You can make them simple or you can go all out, but it’s delicious!!! Some people use cake pop “machines”. But in my opinion this is just plain dry cake baked as a ball. It’s not moist and like a cupcake without the icing–BORING!

So if you haven’t tried one–you are missing out!!!! Check out my gallery or visit my facebook page where I stay up to date on all of my latest creations-just follow the links on my blog page.

Thanks all!!!

Katie – the cake pop Lady! =)

This video I made when I first started gives you an idea of how I do it, but I have since changed certain things to make it even better. This is before I really got into making cake pops…I’ll update the video as soon as I can make a new one.